Fifty, English, and a professional crone, Sophronia Sheridan is on a tour of the USA when she comes across a juvenile witch caught up in a dangerous relationship with the youngest member of the local undead community. Driven to help, against her better judgment, she draws the unwelcome attention of the head vampire, who has plans to use her skills for his own ends. But Sophronia is more than capable of looking after herself...


 Professional crone Sophronia Sheridan is still in California, trying to teach her young protégée, Charlie, how to be an effective witch, in between hunting for Billy, the rogue human, who is more than happy to sell other witches to unscrupulous vampires for their blood. Charlie’s crone grandmother, Nell, proves to be more of a hindrance than a help, and Sophronia’s only real ally is Hagen, the vampire lord. But despite finding herself dangerously attracted to him, she doesn’t trust him an inch...

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Sophronia is trying to keep her young protege, Charlie, safe, whilst at the same time figure out a way to explain to Hagen, the dangerously attractive vampire lord, that she may have killed two of his friends. Yevgeni, their mutual enemy, is becoming dangerously unstable and there are more vampires in Oreq than the town can safely feed. On the bright side, Sophronia has discovered she can fly on her own personal broomstick…

Available on KoboBarnes and Noble and Amazon.


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